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I didn’t know what to expect from this course and wasn’t sure what the cost would be. It has turned out to be worth every penny, invaluable in fact.

It more than delivered. I think even after the first couple of lessons, I had learned so much about myself, good things that I had lost sight of over the years of being a wife and mother. Its easy to lose your identity. I work with girls who are 15 to 20 years younger than me, are slim and dress trendily. The course gave me the confidence to wear different outfits that I haven’t worn in a long time and to not be afraid of looking my best.

The course asks questions that I should have asked myself years ago I suppose. It encouraged me to delve deep into the reasons why I dress the way I do, why do I not bother wearing my lovely clothes, why am I afraid to make the effort. It forced me to be honest with myself! I have now changed all these things and am wearing items in my wardrobe that suit me and make me feel good and am getting complements from friends and colleagues. My husband thought I’d been shopping and in a way I have, just in my wardrobe not boutiques!

I enjoyed the last 4 weeks so much! I really enjoyed reading the comments from other members and have kept many of them as inspiration. I didn’t partake in the picture and pin assignments as I just didn’t have the time and knowledge of technology for this but I do feel I still benefitted from the whole experience.

Thank you so much Sylvia for helping me realise how I can be the best me, by restoring my confidence in myself.

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Sarah Ireland