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I am older – 73 – so I thought that I might be too old and out of place for this course but I never felt that at all – everyone made me feel very welcome.

This course exceeded my expectations  and was the most amazing experience. The content was excellent and the assignments were fun and enlightening. The comments Sylvia and the other participants made really helped me in a way that was not at all threatening – just lots of good will guiding me on my journey.

I learned a lot about myself, I look better already, I have lots of new outfits that came from my closet without spending a dime, and I have new friends who supported me.

Thank you so much for designing and offering this course – it has already made a big difference in my life. I knew that I was on the wrong track but didn’t know what to do. Your course has given me the tools and knowledge that I needed and it did it in a fun way.

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Bonnie Gough USA (Arizona)