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Why you should not (always) listen to friends’ advice when it comes to style

We all know that having dear friends is hugely important.

But they are not always so useful when it comes to your style.

If you ask their opinion about an outfit, they will definitely try and give you their best advice, but it may not necessarily be the best advice for you.

I wrote before about my blogger friends advising me to wear more figure flattering clothes and my response to that. Although they may have a point, if you can’t be yourself in those clothes, it is still the wrong advice and you should ignore it.

Here is another example.

You are shopping with a friend and try something on. Your friend loves it and encourages you to buy it. You are not so sure, but with all the encouragement and rave reviews you decide to buy it.

Sometimes this works of course, but often these buys that were encouraged by friends, suited their style preferences more rather than yours. The result may be that these items never get worn.

Shopping with friends can be fun but it will often lead to wrong buying decisions, so beware and bring your do and don’t lists!

Another example.

My friend Greetje recently asked readers to give feedback on her clothes and let her know which ones we felt were dated or did not suit her and which ones were classic (or still good).

The result?

Lots of different opinions which made her even more confused. Most of us could only agree on one outfit not looking good on her.

It became clear that we all have our own tastes and that style and fashion is very subjective.

Only Greetje herself can determine if an item fits her style personality and if she feels great wearing it.

That is why it’s so crucial to be clear on your own style preferences!

Getting advice and shopping with friends is fun. They will often give you a new perspective, encourage you to buy new things that you had not thought of before and may open your eyes to new solutions for any style issues you may have. I’m definitely influenced by them and sometimes will adjust my own style preferences.

But they can also lead you astray. They will all have their own taste and although they may factor in your style preferences, they will still be influenced by their own.

That is why there is no better person to judge and decide on your own outfits but you.

An outfit has to suit YOUR style, YOUR preferences, YOUR body, YOUR personality and make YOU happy!

Getting to know your style

That is one reason I believe my style course is so fabulous.

It’s a personal journey that takes you through a series of questions and exercizes that ONLY YOU can answer. When you take the time to to do that, you will discover a lot about your preferences, your style, your desired style and more!

I hope you will join me and other stylish women and learn about your personal style preferences and what it is that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

You can sign up here.

How clear are you on your personal style preferences?


January 11, 2016