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Accessorize me confident & beautiful!

An outfit without accessories is not quite finished. Learn how to accessorize with confidence in this comprehensive course that also teaches you about silhouette and proportion.

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I believe that accessories are the key to great style.

Your outfits are not quite complete with the right accessories and will look unfinished or even frumpy.

In this unique and extensive course Accessorize me Confident & Beautiful you will learn how to accessorize like a pro so you can step into the world feeling confident and beautiful!

We will discuss every accessory in detail but will also look at the big picture.

With the many handy tips, an exploration into your own unique accessory personality as well as our expert tips on silhouette and creating balanced outfits that will look good on YOU, you will step away from this course more confident and more radiant than ever before.

This self studyc course is now open for enrolment and you can start at any time.

I look forward to welcoming you in this unique style course and ignite your style!


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  1. Profile photo of Susan Street

    Putting It All Together

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiration. Even though I have been in the “style business” for a long time, I always learn new things from you. Your most recent course was a very helpful refresher on just how much the details can make or break a look. I am already looking forward to your next course!

  2. Profile photo of Claudia

    The importance of accessories

    Don’t buy new clothes, buy accessories. It is less expensive, but the effect is much bigger. And accessories are not only earrings, bracelets and necklaces. But bags, shoes, scarfs, hats. With those accessories you can point out who you really are. You can give attention to your most beautifull parts of your body. You can be funny, you can be chic, you can be beautifull. All with the same clothes, but with different accessories. This course makes you dare. This course tells you what to choose in which occasion. And what kind of accessory is just for you. This course is personal. And this course is fun to do.

  3. Profile photo of Shirley Baker

    Absolutely brilliant course!

    Absolutely brilliant course showing how to style with accesories. The correct accessories can totally change an outfit from day to night, street to office, casual to formal and also from traditional to contemporary style.
    This course takes into consideration body proportions, image, colour and a variety of styles.
    So many outfits can be created with different accessories, and much cheaper than buying new clothes..
    Personally I found this course brilliant and showed me new ways of upgrading my style and coming out of my comfort zone.
    I would recommend this to everyone.

  4. Profile photo of Betty B.

    Accessorize me confident and beautiful

    If you’re looking to up your style quotient, then this is the course for you. Not only is it fun and inspirational, it’s also packed with styling techniques and segments that you can participate in privately or for class review. Sylvia’s feedback is on cue and especially helpful in helping you attain just the oomph you need. Through and through, this course is sprinkled with jewels of all types and loaded with special features and interviews that will set you apart from the pack. I couldn’t be more pleased with the content and the results I attained.

  5. Profile photo of Karen Daniel

    I feel confident and beautiful

    This course delivers! Like many women, I have struggled with “what to wear” and how to pull it all together. Through an easy to learn format and practical exercises, Sylvia teaches us how to elevate our style through the use of accessories, head to toe…literally, hats to shoes and everything in between. This course is now a tool I have available any time…like I can pull my favorite cookbook down from the shelf when I need a recipe…I can refer back to these lessons again and again when I need to put together an outfit for any occasion.

  6. Profile photo of Ann

    Well worth it

    My Mum told me not to bother with this course as “I should know myself what suits me”. Unfortunately I didn’t know and made lots of expensive mistakes so this was money well spent as I learnt a lot about overall style not just accessories. It has actually been life changing for me as I really had no idea and now at least I feel I’m on the right path and have developed some good habits.

  7. Profile photo of Phillipa

    The perfect accessories course!

    I had no idea what to expect in my first online course but I was thrilled with the volume of valuable information and styling tips. Sylvia gives excellent personal advice and made me see accessories in a whole new light. I highly recommend this course, it has made such a positive difference in the way I dress each day. Thank you Sylvia!

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