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21 steps to a more stylish you! Unique style course

Find your own unique style and take it to the next level. Feel confident, beautiful and stylish!

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In 21 steps, taken over 21 units, you will be able to define and ignite your own unique style.

After explaining a concept in a unit you are asked a question and will be given a style assignment (optional but recommended) that is directly related to your style. All answers are unique to you! Through your answers and the information in the course, you will discover more about yourself, your body, your style personality and what makes you feel and look beautiful.

By the end of the course you will know how to move forward, how to dress better and how to advance your style and feel more confident and beautiful as a result.

For more information and easy enrolment visit the course enrolment page.

I look forward to welcoming you soon in this unique style course and ignite your style!


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  1. Profile photo of Susan Street

    Standing Ovation!

    Great job! Thanks for all your hard work in putting this course together. I enjoyed it immensely!

  2. Profile photo of Karen Daniel

    Steps in the Right Direction

    Sylvia gets a rave review for creating a supportive environment, giving excellent fashion advice, helping us use the technology. I enjoyed learning new skills, experimenting, doing useful exercises, and meeting women from around the world who share my desire to look better and feel better about myself. I highly recommend this course to everyone!

  3. Profile photo of lydialeigh86

    Fun and well worth the time...

    I’ve really enjoyed Sylvia’s style course. At first, I questioned whether I would have time to complete this. But as the days passed, I found myself hooked on learning the new concept and “playing” in my closet to attempt the style assignments. I’m not a “selfie” taking person, but I now have a catalog of outfit photos in my phone and on pinterest. On the weekends, I’ve found myself putting together outfits for fun, documenting them with a photo and then I’m ready to go with my work week. This has been a great investment of my time. Overall, I now understand why I like certain outfits and how to apply these basic concepts. I highly recommend this course.

  4. Profile photo of Kay

    Great fun and learned a lot!

    Once again I have had great fun and learned a lot by participating in one of Sylvia’s personal style courses for women over 40. What a nice way to get to know women from around the world and see what we all have in common, as well as all the charming differences that make us all so unique and special.

  5. Profile photo of rosewren

    Self Care For Me

    Sylvia provided content and guidance in all of the 21 Steps. I truly feel more confident about my style and understand myself better. It is a stellar style course….hands on and fun. Exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Thank you, Sylvia!

  6. Profile photo of Fibrescope

    A great fun learning experience

    This course has made me feel more confident about myself and given me direction for the future. Sylvia provides excellent support as well as great material to work through. It was a lot of fun and meeting people from all around the world who, like me, want to improve our style was a big bonus. Thank you, Sylvia.

  7. Profile photo of KarenVP

    Great information!

    Although I didn’t have the time to really spend on this course, I was able to read each day’s material and took a lot of the information to use each day. What I enjoyed the most is this information has made me think when I’m putting my outfits together. One example is that I wore a long necklace with my work outfit recently and I had so many compliments on the necklace with my outfit. I rarely wear necklaces. This told me to do it more often. It made me think about my outfits. Thank you Sylvia for offering this course. Next time I will put more time into the homework!

  8. Profile photo of Bonnie G.

    This Course is Exactly What I Needed

    After I retired, I traveled all over the US and Canada in a motorhome for ten years and only had a skeleton wardrobe. Now I’ve settled down and can finally have fun with fashion. I purchased a lot of new clothes but looking at recent family photos showed me that I was on the wrong track. My clothes looked nice on the hangers but not so much on me. This course has lots of good information, is designed to challenge the participants at different levels, and is a very supportive environment. Sylvia was wonderful, I made new friends, and I now know how to make myself look great.

  9. Profile photo of grumbleguts

    I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel

    Some aspects of the course have been totally lifestyle changing for me.
    I realise that – as I was basically starting from scratch – I was very lucky as I could get everything right first time, hopefully.
    The class on proportions was very helpful to me in seeing where I have been going wrong – simply because I hadn’t considered proportions ever.
    The balance and editing of my wardrobe was probably the most useful as I had a cupboard of clothes for events I will never attend and most of my clothes were centered around the very short summer period in my home country of Scotland.
    I’m finding the organisation of a wearable and useful wardrobe very exciting.

  10. Profile photo of Glenda

    21 Steps to a More Stylish You exceeded my expectations!

    I learned so much from this course! The rule of thirds was a real eye opener. But the thing about the course that impressed me the most were the questions Sylvia asked us. Having been a teacher before retiring, I appreciate the thought provoking questions that really require some soul searching and deep thought to answer. The other participants were great as well in helping delve into our style selves. Yes, you can speed through the course but if you take the time for yourself, you will discover wonderful things. You can walk away with a better sense of what looks good on your body and how to create a wardrobe that makes you happy when you wear it. Loved it and would definitely recommend it.

  11. Profile photo of pony500

    The Perfect Style Course!!

    I really enjoyed this course and learned a great deal. Sylvia designed a complete, well rounded style course, which took many components of style into consideration, such as body shape, colors, our personalities and likes and dislikes.

    I have read about many other style systems, but most of them seem to want to put you in a category and I grew more and more frustrated either trying to fit into a specific category or just struggled trying to wear what was recommended for a certain category or type. Sylvia’s course allows you to really figure out what your own personal best style is and to just work with your own unique body and your own personality and I can’t say how refreshing and freeing it was! I just feel like I know what I really should and shouldn’t be looking for in clothing and what I don’t even need to waste my time and money on.

    It’s a self paced course, and I think it’s best to take your time though and move as slow as you need and take lots of pictures because they will show you what others are seeing way better than the mirror does! I plan to go back and keep working through some of the sections for a while yet. I highly recommend this course–it is definitely money well spent!!

  12. Profile photo of Judith

    Excellent course, strongly recommended!

    This Style Course exceeded all my expectations. Every aspect of style is treated comprehensively: clear explanations, lots of photos, related articles, fun and practical assignments and personal feedback from Sylvia. It was also very motivating to read the posts of other participants: their contemplations, chosen outfits, learning points. Furthermore, I learned about Pinterest and Stylebook as great tools to discover and elevate my style. I have learned so much during this course and enjoyed every single step of it. Strongly recommended!!

  13. Profile photo of Laine

    Great course, I learned a great deal.

    The course is well planned and organized. The units follow a logical progression and are very informative. I learned how to define and refine my stye. I especially like the comments from other members and feedback from the instructor, I highly recommend this course. I had fun completing the units. The only downside is now I’m obsessed with fashion!

  14. Profile photo of Shirley Baker

    Confidence and style improved 100%

    This is what I needed. As I am now well over 40 (they say 60is the new 40) and I was stuck in fashions and style the last decade or more. This course helped me in so many ways. My wardrobe is cleared of cluttering old clothes, I now wear my makeup daily and better, I plan my outfits with care now and mix and match much better.
    I really love the impluts and pictures from real women, not just models. I have just upped my budget for a while and am now hooked on fashion and style. Hope I don’t get too critical on some , perhaps I may suggest they do this course.

  15. Profile photo of Horemka

    A great journey to wake the sense of personal style

    This is exactly what I needed to learn and to become aware of certain aspects of fashion, styling and getting confident in myself! I like a lot the stoic approach of the coach 🙂
    The big plus is that the course is on-line, so available nearly everywhere, is no-time restricted and that is so polyvalent, applicable to so many figures, styles and personal preferences!

    I thank you so much for this course!

  16. Profile photo of Alisa G

    Worth every penny!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the style course. Every day I looked forward to learning more and completing my assignments! I learned so very much. I feel I am already dressing more fashionably while staying true to myself. This is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all course. It helps you find and customize a look that you love and looks great on you!

  17. Profile photo of Vickie Hutcheson

    This course helped me better understand all the elements that went into and make up style. The assignments for each section were very helpful in thinking through what works for you as an individual. The course isn’t something that you can do quickly as the assignments took thought. Planning the outfits for each photo assignment took thought as well. IT has enabled me to be a more “conscious” dresser. I really enjoyed the course. The art of personal adornment should not be something we hate or dread, it should be fun. This course was fun!

  18. Profile photo of Diane

    Very worthwile class!

    I really enjoyed the structure and content of this class. I thought the assignments were the right length and duration to give you plenty to do, but not overwhelm you. Linking to others in the class provided inspiration and support. This was a very worthwhile class and exercise for anyone interested in refreshing or improving their style. Well done!

  19. Profile photo of Elaine

    Bravo Sylvia! I can’t say enough good things about this course. It contains detailed information and an interactive process that result in real learning about the topic of style. I was able to set achievable goals for myself and apply lessons that transformed my style. Examining your self through the lens of personal style is a challenging process but the results are so rewarding. I loved participating and learning from others in the course and continue to follow them on Pinterest, FB and 40plus style blog to keep on track and evolving my style.

  20. Profile photo of Aline

    This course is lots of fun, very informative and easy to follow. I think that having interaction is very encouraging. I like that we have unlimited access when finished with the course.
    I learned a lot about body shapes, what is right for me but also I was allowed to be me as well which makes us all unique. This course respected that.
    I would and have recommended it to my girl friends

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